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Driving Excellence, Delivering Beyond Boundaries

Experience seamless logistics with Lewis Land & Stock’s Trucking Division, where excellence in transportation meets the diverse needs of agriculture. Our trucks don’t just move goods; they are a lifeline connecting our various divisions and facilitating the transportation of livestock, grain, and bulk commodities across the expansive landscape of Ontario.

Versatile Transportation Services

The Trucking Division is the heartbeat of Lewis Land & Stock’s logistical prowess. Whether it’s transporting our own livestock and grain or moving bulk commodities such as salt, gravel, sand, and steel, our fleet of trucks crisscrosses Ontario with efficiency and precision. Livestock, including sheep, lambs, llamas, goats, pigs, and cattle, find their way to markets and destinations with the care and expertise that define our commitment to excellence.

Beyond Agriculture

Our reach extends beyond the boundaries of agriculture. The Trucking Division is a trusted partner for the transportation of various commodities,

contributing to the smooth flow of goods across Ontario. From the agricultural heartlands to urban centers, our trucks are a symbol of reliability and efficiency.

Step into the driver’s seat of excellence with Lewis Land & Stock’s Trucking Division, where every journey is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality beyond borders.

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