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From Farm to Table, Excellence in Every Sip

Introducing Lewis Land and Stock’s Dairy Division, where the journey from farm to table is defined by a commitment to excellence. Established in 2015, this division represents a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity, ensuring the production of safe and wholesome dairy products.

Inception in 2015

The Dairy Division’s story unfolded in 2015 when Lewis Land and Stock took a significant leap into the world of dairy farming. Acquiring Uncle John McKinnon’s dairy quota marked the beginning of a new chapter, with Anson, Cathy, Hailey, and Connor at the helm. This strategic move not only broadened our agricultural portfolio but also represented a commitment to preserving dairy farming traditions while embracing modern practices.

Central to this transition was the inclusion of Dairy Barn Manager Dave Lawrence. With his expertise and passion for dairy farming, Dave plays a pivotal role in overseeing the well-being of our 75-cow herd. The collaborative efforts of Dave and the Lewis family ensure that each cow contributes to the legacy of quality and innovation within the Dairy Division.

Canadian Quality Milk Program:

In alignment with the values of modern consumers, the Dairy Division follows the Canadian Quality Milk Program (CQM). This on-farm food safety program ensures

that our producers prevent and reduce food safety hazards and risks, providing assurance to consumers that Canadian milk and meat are produced in a safe manner.

Indulge in the goodness of Lewis Land and Stock’s dairy products, where every sip reflects a commitment to quality and the time-honored tradition of dairy farming.

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