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CJ Bucking Bulls

Rodeo Excellence, Bred for the Arena

Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of CJ Bucking Bulls, where the artistry of rodeo meets the precision of breeding top-notch performing bulls. Led by Cory Lewis, CJ Bucking Bulls has established itself as a prominent name in roughstock business, providing championship stock for rodeo events across Ontario and Quebec.

A Passion Ignited

At the age of 13, Cory Lewis embarked on a remarkable journey by acquiring his first Bucking Bull, “Samstown.” Fueled by passion and a vision for excellence, Cory has meticulously built his roughstock business with high-end bloodlines and a focus on breeding top-notch performing bulls.

Championship Stock Contractor

CJ Bucking Bulls is not just a breeder; it’s a key player in rodeo championships. Our bulls have graced events such as the IPRA Rawhide Rodeo, Wildtime Rodeo, St. Tite Western Festival, PBR London, and IFR, Oklahoma. The championship stock contractor buckles earned stand as a testament to the quality and performance of our bulls.

A Growing Legacy

Cory’s dedication to the business has expanded with the addition of Yasmeen Iravani and their son, “Wallace Donald Lewis.” Together, they continue


 to elevate CJ Bucking Bulls, contributing to the legacy of excellence in rodeo and showcasing the next generation of champions.

Step into the electrifying world of CJ Bucking Bulls, where passion meets precision, and every bull bred is a potential champion in the arena.

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