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Our History

Welcome to Lewis Land and Stock, a name deeply embedded in the agricultural tapestry of South Grey County for over a century. In 1908, James Lewis assumed stewardship of his father-in-law John Brown’s farm, which had been cultivated since the Crown granted the land in 1852. The same farm, now operated by the Lewis family, serves as a living testament to our enduring commitment to the land. In the mid-20th century, the legacy flourished as Don and Sharon Lewis, pioneers of their time, breathed new life into the land, starting the farm as “Lewis Farms” and shaping the foundation for the thriving family business we cherish today. As a 6-generation family business, Lewis Land and Stock is not just a story of generational continuity but a journey deeply intertwined with the history of Crown land in this region.

Present Family Story

Embark on a captivating journey through generations with the Lewis family. Our present family story unfolds through the lens of a video that encapsulates the essence of our agricultural heritage. This visual narrative not only showcases the day-to-day operations but also delves into the rich history that has shaped Lewis Land and Stock.

In this immersive video experience, witness the dedication and hard work of Don & Sharon, Jay & Penny, Anson & Cathy, as well as the next generation—Blake & Elyse, Cory & Yasmeen, Will, Hailey & Connor. With 20 valued employees, the Lewis family has forged a legacy that spans six generations.

Source: The visual narrative is a collective effort, capturing the spirit of Lewis Land and Stock. It serves as a living testament to the family’s commitment to agriculture, showcasing the continuation of a century-long legacy.

Our Divisions

Driven by a profound passion for agriculture, Lewis Land and Stock stands as a diversified, family-driven enterprise. Our commitment to excellence spans various divisions, reflecting our rich agricultural heritage. Explore these diverse divisions to witness the ongoing legacy and innovation rooted in the Crown land history of South Grey County.


Cultivating a diverse range of crops, including sunflowers for cold-pressed Sunflower Oil – explore sustainable agriculture with us.

Bogle Pass Angus

Elevate your cattle operation with Bogle Pass Angus, where heritage meets innovation, creating a solid cow base for you.

Eweville Station

Savor quality lamb from Eweville Station – our lamb finishing operation caters to high-end restaurants and grocery stores across Ontario.


Experience the goodness of Canadian milk from our Dairy Division – 75 cows dedicated to ensuring safe and wholesome dairy products.


Streamline your transportation needs with our Trucking Division, moving livestock, grain, and bulk commodities all over Ontario.


Power your future with our Solar Division – explore opportunities for grass maintenance and contribute to renewable energy with our 50-megawatt solar farm.

Foxhouse Farms

Indulge in quality lamb from Foxhouse Farms – our 1,000 head Ewe flock on solar pasture delivers premium lamb, adding a unique touch to our lambing division.

CJ Bucking Bulls

Ignite excitement with CJ Bucking Bulls – breeders of top-notch performing bulls, our bloodlines have graced championships in rodeo events.


The Honest Potato Did you know that Lewis Land and Stock grows Potatoes right here in Grey county?

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Eweville Station Barn Addition

August 2021 there was a barn fire that damaged a good chunk of the Eweville Station barn. February 2022 the repairs and addition were started!! Good things to come this spring!

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