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Bogle Pass Angus

Breeding Excellence, Nurturing Heritage

Welcome to Bogle Pass Angus, where heritage and innovation converge to define the essence of our cattle operations. Owned by Anson and Cathy Lewis, along with their children Hailey & Connor, Bogle Pass Angus is a testament to our deep-rooted connection to the Angus breed and a commitment to breeding excellence.

Historical Ties to Angus Breed

Bogle Pass Angus has a legacy deeply entwined with the history of the Angus breed. Anson’s Great-Great Grandfather, Alex McKinnon, was a pioneer in importing Angus cows in 1889, laying the foundation for the family’s enduring relationship with these remarkable cattle. The journey continued, and in 1998, Bogle Pass Angus officially began with the purchase of two cows by Anson’s Grandfather, Doug McKinnon.

Maternal Lines and Growth

Since its inception, Bogle Pass Angus has focused on building a solid cow base with a keen emphasis on maternal lines. Through extensive AI and Embryo work, the herd has grown to include 130 cows.

This growth has not only strengthened the foundation of Bogle Pass Angus but has also benefitted our customers with cattle known for their excellence and reliability.

At Bogle Pass Angus, we don’t just raise cattle; we uphold a legacy of breeding excellence, maintaining the heritage of the Angus breed through generations.

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