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Foxhouse Farms

Nurturing Heritage, Growing Legacies

Step into the pastoral beauty of Foxhouse Farms, a unique addition to the Lewis Land & Stock family. Acquired by Blake & Elyse Lewis on the day of Blake’s graduation from the University of Guelph, Ridgetown. Foxhouse Farms is a testament to tradition, legacy, and a handshake that sealed the deal with previous owners Ross & Yvonne Taylor.

Ewe Flock on Solar Pasture

Foxhouse Farms hosts a vibrant 1,000-head ewe flock, gracefully grazing on solar pastures that blend tradition with sustainability. This solar pasture isn’t just a picturesque backdrop; it’s a vital component of our commitment to eco-friendly farming. The synergy between our ewe flock and the solar pasture isn’t just aesthetic; it’s a holistic approach where sheep contribute to pasture maintenance. This sustainable cycle aligns with our commitment to tapping into renewable resources. As part of the lambing division, ewes are shepherded through reproductive cycles, lambing three times every two years. This approach ensures a consistent supply of premium lamb, showcasing ethical and sustainable farming. Explore the functionality and beauty of the Ewe Flock on Solar Pasture at Foxhouse Farms, where nature and agriculture coexist seamlessly.

Legacy of Handshakes

The acquisition of Foxhouse Farms is more than a business move; it’s a continuation of a legacy. Named after its previous owners, Ross & Yvonne Taylor, Foxhouse Farms stands as a living tribute to

the traditions of agriculture. The handshake that sealed the deal on Blake’s graduation day echoes the values of trust and commitment that define our approach to farming.

Explore Foxhouse Farms, where the pastoral beauty meets sustainable farming practices, creating a haven for our ewe flock and contributing to the rich tapestry of Lewis Land & Stock.

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