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Solar Division

Harvesting Sunlight, Powering Progress

Introducing the Solar Division at Lewis Land & Stock, where we harness the power of the sun to drive progress and sustainability. Born in 2016 through a Lease Agreement with Samsung, our 50-megawatt solar farm stands as a testament to our commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

A Greener Tomorrow

The Solar Division represents a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future. Our solar farm, constructed on Lewis property through a partnership with Samsung, generates 50 megawatts of clean energy. Beyond its environmental impact, the Solar Division has allowed us to explore innovative opportunities, including the expansion of our ewe flock for grass maintenance.

Sun-Powered Partnerships

The collaboration with Samsung has not only fueled our solar farm but has also strengthened our commitment to sustainable practices.

The Solar Division serves as a shining example of how partnerships can drive positive change, offering a sun-powered solution to our energy needs.

Explore the Solar Division at Lewis Land & Stock, where the brilliance of the sun is not just a source of energy but a catalyst for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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